The greatest heroes deserve the greatest paintings

Greetings mighty adventurers

Do you want to recieve praise and fascination while installing at the table and putting your Character miniature out ?
Do you want your whole hobby store stop their activities to admire the ancient blue dragon you just put on the table ?
Do you want your players' jaws drop out of exitement while giving them the map for your upcoming campaign?
Do you want to have an epic final fight your players will remember for ages?
Do you want to offer your heroes the glory and epicness they deserve ?

Then you are at the good place !

Hey ! I'm Tim, supervisor at Owlbear Factory. I've been a professional illustrator and concept artist for 3 years with clients including big companies such as Ubisoft and Netflix UK, a miniature painter for 15 years competing in miniature contests such as Golden Demons and other French contests, and a D&D Game Master for over 12 years.
I will offer your precious minies and campaign assets the treatment they deserve in order to make them the shining stars at your table.
Wether it is your precious PC, a horde of skeletons, a mighty and magestic gold dragon or your mysterious and all powerful BBEG, the minies painted by our scaly employees will reach your expectations and these of your table !

By solicitating our services, be sure that each and every of your heroes and creatures will be treated in order to make them enter the greatest legends.

Do you need a beautiful map that no dedicated software can provide you with? One that you can get printed big on fancy paper and hand proudly to your players? One you can zoom on and see every grain of paper, every cross and hatch on it or even put under a frame? One that feel authentic and handcrafted?
We can also do that !

What are our services?

We are combining our love for Tabletop RPGs and Wargames, our craftmanship as professional army painters, and our knowledge as illustrators and concept artists to provide exigent players with premium Miniature Painting, Map Crafting and Illustration services that will ensure the assets you get from us will be the most beautiful at your table/league.

You can commission us for:
- Miniature assembling/painting from Tabletop to Painting Contest/Exposition level. All brands, colors, quantity and scales are possible.
- Presentation bases/Dioramas crafting for your heroes, party, monsters...etc
- Detailed Map Making with handcrafted style, up to A0/300DPI resolution, ready to be printed on every medium or zoomed in for online games.
- Landscape Illustrations, Prop design...etc

Other wonderful artists will join me within few months to provide you with the following services:

- Very premium miniature sculpting/casting + painting to design your unique character/monster as a miniature (it's technically already available, if you want more infos you can ask us about that with a mail and we will discuss it)

- Maps printed on cloth, grain paper, parchment imitation, leather...etc

- Character design

Meet your servitor

My name is Tim, I'm 24, from France. I've been a professional concept artist, illustrator and miniature painter and CGI teacher for over 3 years now.

I've been working for a lot of companies including Ubisoft France, Netflix UK, Hanakai Studio, Sun Tzu Records and Ironrise Games.

I've been painting minies since I was 9 and I've been doing 3D/Illustration for 5 years. I started playing D&D at the age of 12 and pretty much never stopped DMing. I've been playing a lot of  Pathfinder, 3.5th and 4th edition DnD at hobby stores and with friends and I started giving a try at 5th edition one year ago. Favourite races are Dragonborn or Kenku, favourite classes are Wizard and Warden.

Aside from painting and playing, I'm a big competitive FPS players, I like doing archery, woodwork and playing drums. I'm also currently working on my own campaign settings book based upon the Might and Magic videogame serie and planning on releasing it as a free PDF once it's finished. You'll see some of the maps for the book in the appropriate section for sure !

Oh, and as you might guess, I like owls :)